If you’ve loved playing Mega Moolah at the online casino, you’ll love playing iPhone Mega Moolah just as much, if not more. This is a five reel, highly advanced pokies game with the jungle safari theme. The Lion is the wild symbol and there is a randomly triggered bonus round where you can win all sorts of great prizes.

Mega Moolah for iPhone

One of the great features of this pokies game is that you can enjoy progressive aussie online pokies without having to wager the maximum amount. This is unusual, as, with many aussie online pokies games, you do need to wager the highest amount. With Mega Moolah for iPhone, this is also the case. You can enjoy this progressive pokies game, the iPhone Mega Moolah game, in a similar way. Of course, if you wager more, you’ll have better chances of triggering the special Mega Moolah bonus round; however, it’s still possible to place only the minimal bet with Mega Moolah for iPhone and to trigger the bonus.

More Aussie Online Pokies Fun

For anyone who has enjoyed aussie online pokies and who loves Mega Moolah, this is the game for you with your iPhone. iphone Mega Moolah just makes it even more convenient to enjoy this safari themed game, as you can play anywhere, anytime that you have your iPhone with you. And, with Mega Moolah for iPhone, you’ll be amazed by how crisp the graphics look and how inviting the screen appears.

Pokies Fun

You’ll find iPhone Mega Moolah these days at any of the aussie online pokies sites where you’ve already been playing. As long as they offer mobile games, you’ll see that iPhone Mega Moolah is in the offerings. This means, as well, that you can enjoy aussie online pokies at the same site where you enjoy Mega Moolah for iPhone. It’s a winning combination! You’ll also enjoy the same security and peace of mind that you have now with the aussie online pokies games and can use many forms of payment for your iPhone Mega Moolah playing time.

Safari Convenience with Mega Moolah for iPhone

The convenience of the iPhone Mega Moolah simply can’t be beaten. With today’s pokies available on the iPhone, you’ll be taking Mega Moolah with you anywhere that you go. And this means more convenience and fun at the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the barber shop and so much more. iPhone Mega Moolah is offering people a safari adventure right on their very own phone – and that’s an adventure worth taking!