Sure Win Online Pokies is the racetrack pokies to play even if you rarely go to the track!  It features some of the most unusual symbols in any pokies game and has several ways for you to score a big win!

Sure Win Online Pokies has five reels and 25 paylines.  The mood of a racetrack is set immediately by the background “music” which is really not music at all but the muted sounds you hear at a track.  Everyone is trying to discern the winner of the next race and the horses and jockeys are getting ready to run.

If you really like music in a pokies game, Sure Win Online Pokies is still the pokies for you but we’re being a bit coy in the spirit of the racetrack and we’ll tell you about the great music a bit later!  The music makes sure Win one of the most popular Aussie online pokies.

Sure Win Symbols: The Basic Ten

Sure Win is the only Australian pokies online where a trumpet calls the horses and jockeys to the gate.  The horses look perturbed; as if they would rather not a race!  The jockeys have the look of intense determination that jockeys always have.  Riding horses at high speeds around a racetrack with other horses millimetres away is a harrowing and dangerous activity.

Added to the three horses and three jockeys are a pair of binoculars, a racing form that horse racing fans use to peruse the upcoming races, a jockey’s helmet, and a trophy.

Sure Win is an unusual Aussie online pokies because it has only actual symbols.  Microgaming, the developer of Sure Win Online Pokies and hundreds of other excellent games, decided that to tell the racetrack story realistically they would need real-life symbols instead of the ubiquitous 9-Ace symbols.

Sure Win Symbols: The Special Two

The last two symbols are the Sure Win icon and the racetrack tout.  The Sure Win icon is the wild symbol.  It replaces all the other symbols except the racetrack tout that serves as the Scatter symbol.  Whenever the Wild symbol helps you score a win, your win is multiplied 3x!  Few Australian pokies online have as high a multiplier for a Wild symbol-generated win in the basic game!  Five Wild symbols are worth a $7000 bonus!

The tout is the Scatter symbol.  You win a sizable cash award when just two Scatters appear anywhere on the reels, but the big wins may come your way when the Aussie pokies bonus is triggered when three or more Scatters send you to the bonus round.  Here you have a possibly fateful decision to make.

You are offered a combination of free spins and multipliers.  The more free spins you take the lower the multiplier.  Here are your options:

  • If you choose 12 free spins you receive a 4x multiplier.
  • If you choose 16 free spins you receive a 3x multiplier.
  • If you choose 24 free spins you receive a 2x multiplier.

There is no widely held consensus as to whether it’s better to take more free spins or a higher multiplier.  After all, you’re at a racetrack and this is a betting game!  Remaining in the spirit of being coy, we will reveal one reason why some players choose more free spins for their Aussie pokies bonus, but not yet!

Gamble For Instant Wins

You can gamble to double or quadruple your wins.  Any time you win, you’ll see an icon asking if you want to gamble.  To double your win, you need to guess the colour of a randomly chose card.  To quadruple your win, you must guess the suit of the card.

Superior Graphics, Animation, and Sound

The horses stampede across the screen, kicking up a massive cloud of smoke every time you win.

When the tout wins for you, you hear him hiss some secret information in your ears.

When you get to the bonus rounds, the three horses and jockeys vie for your attention.  Each represents a different combination of free spins and multiplier.

Many players choose to take the maximum number of free spins because, during the free spins bonus round, the William Tell Overture (the Lone Ranger theme) plays!  Players say that they love to play Sure Win, especially because they absolutely love the Lone Ranger theme!

Stay at Home and Go to the Racetrack

This might seem like an impossibility but when you play Sure Win Online Pokies you’ll feel exactly as though you were at a real racetrack, looking the horses and jockeys in the eyes to divine their ability and determination to win the next race!  And the Lone Ranger will always be in the wings to provide some sure-fire entertainment pleasure!