It’s Christmas season and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. The holiday is a great time to get into the spirit of things and to really enjoy your time. There are many ways to enjoy yourself this holiday. You can go out to a nice dinner with friends, you can curl up with your dog and relax on the couch, you can enjoy a movie or two, and you can enjoy Xmas pokies. All of these are great ways to bring in the Christmas spirit and to relax under your Christmas tree with the goodness that the holiday brings.

The Secret Santa Pokies Game is a great way to bring holiday cheer into your life along with all of the other things that you intend to do. And you’ll probably find that the Secret Santa Pokies Game is so enthralling and inviting that you’ll want to keep playing it much longer after the Christmas season has ended. You’ll love the best pokies game around that allows you to have it all. With vivid graphics, amazing sound effects and great chances to win, you’ll find the fun of Christmas continuing long after the holiday is over.

Getting Into the Xmas Pokies Fun

How does Secret Santa Pokies Game bring you into the holiday spirit? It does so in many ways. First, the background to the game shows a quiet town where the snow is falling and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. The symbols in the Xmas pokies game include Santa, of course, the turkey dinner for Christmas, the holiday stockings, and other great symbols.

The setup of the game is the 5×4 board and it translates to 1024 ways to win. This is an amazing amount of awesome ways to win at one of the best pokies games. And Secret Santa Pokies Game definitely aims to be one of the best pokies games. The base game brings great enjoyment to the holiday player, and most players have so much fun with it that the keep playing long after the holiday is over. This is a game that will capture the heart and the spirit of the player.

Secret Santa Pokies Game More Details

The regular game of Secret Santa Pokies Game is certainly a blast. What makes it, even more, fun is the bonus round. In the bonus round, there are actually seven different special features that you’ll see. And you’ll get one of them randomly and can enjoy the many benefits of it. There is the Wild Boost feature that will make a random symbol become wild. There are five free spins. These have multiplied wins.

With the Xmas pokies game, there is also the Mystery Multiplier which will take your wins and multiply them by 5x and 10x. With the Dashing Wilds, there are four wilds that will come up in a random symbol position. The Scatter Spree symbols will pay scatters in any of the positions you have. Finally, the Rolling Reels consecutive wins will increase the multiplier by a lot – as much if you can imagine as 12x.

More Best Pokies Fun

As one of the best pokies games, the Secret Santa Pokies Game is a great place to be. Another great feature is that if you get five of a kind in the base game, then you’ll have a win. You’ll also get a free automatic re-spin here. All of this adds up to awesome fun with the Secret Santa Pokies Game and makes the best pokies game around. With Xmas pokies of this sort, you’ll be great holiday cheer into your house.

You’ll have a wonderful time playing a game that is imbued with the holiday charm and that is enjoyed long after the Christmas holiday is over. You’ll love the game as one of the best pokies games during the holiday time, and then you’ll love playing it again and again after the holiday is over.

Bring the Ho-Ho-Ho back into your holiday and your life with the Secret Santa Pokies Game.