If you love playing traditional online pokies, then Tunzamunni may be just the game for you. As progressive pokies jackpots go, Tunzamunni offers something for everyone, while keeping the costs down and the winnings high! Tunzamunni is a three reel, 1 payline progressive slot game powered by Microgaming.

More about Tunzamunni

This online pokies game has a traditional slot machine look and feel with symbols like bars and sevens. It feels like an authentic online pokies game and is the perfect way to start to enjoy progressive pokies jackpots and to learn about simple online pokies. This is actually, as progressive pokies jackpots go, the cheapest progressive online pokies game on the Internet today. And that certainly makes it quite inviting and enticing.

Progressive Pokies Jackpots

It’s always recommended, with Tunzamunni or with any other online pokies games, to get your feet wet first. This means that you should try out the game for practice at first and get a feel for it. Then, when you’re ready to hit the big leagues or the progressive pokies jackpots, you can try your luck with money. Now, with Tunzamunni, the minimum bet is extremely low! And that makes it very inviting as online pokies go. Of course, keep in mind that a maximum bet is required if you’re going for the progressive pokies jackpots. Don’t be discouraged if you get all excited and think you’ve won the jackpot, only to realise that you didn’t bet enough with Tunzamunni to qualify!

More Online Pokies Fun

The progressive jackpot in this game is won when the player gets a silver seven, a red seven and a blue seven in that specific order. Other combinations also give out great prizes with Tunzamunni from two coins to 5000 coins. But, to be part of the progressive pokies jackpots, you have to get this order of symbols. The game doesn’t have any other bonuses, scatters or other fancy symbols – it’s simply online pokies at its most simple and best. The progressive pokies jackpots make the game the most interesting and focus all of the attention on this exciting aspect of Tunzamunni.

Tunzanummi Fun

Tunzanummi is the perfect game for the online pokies novice or for one who wants to brush up on his skills. The payoff tables are straightforward and the rules are easy to follow. Enjoy online pokies more with Tunzanummi today!