Tornado Farm Escape

Note: This pokie is no longer supported by the developer and may not be playable.

A southern US farm with cartoon animals seems like an unusual setting for an online pokie. Tornado Farm Escape starts with an intro video, where the talking animals plan using an incoming tornado as a way to get a well-earned holiday. As unlikely as this scenario may seem, it does work! The bluegrass music, quirky animals and twisters on the reels all combine to create an enjoyable poker machine.

Tornado Farm Escape

Key Features Which Make Tornado Farm Escape Well Worth a Spin

When the tornado strikes, you’ll collect symbols to trigger some huge wins. You should also look out for storm clouds, as these can help add wilds to the reels for extra line hits. Here is what to expect from this Aussie online pokies game:

  • An entertaining 5×3 slot setup, with animals as you have never seen them before
  • Storm Cloud Wilds: Look out for thunderstorms which can turn random symbols into wilds
  • Tornado Feature: Start the twister on the reels and then collect symbols to win big

How the Tornado Feature Works

You will need some special symbols to trigger the tornado feature. However, these are not the same kind you’ll find on most pokies. Instead of 3 bonus symbols, you need two special arrows. One in the top left corner and one on the bottom right.

This will start a twister, which will travel over the reels. A symbol is selected at random and is swept off the reels, along with any wilds.

These accumulate in a counter below the reels. You’ll see your prize increasing based on the total number of the selected symbols you collect. After you sweep up the symbols, the reels re-spin, and your tornado moves around to collect any more. This process will continue until there are no more of your symbols on the reels after a spin – at which point your prize is awarded.

You’ll be hoping that one of the higher payout animal symbols is selected when the tornado strikes.

Tornado: Farm Escape Pokies – Wilds

There are two types of wild symbol in play. Regular wilds simply say ‘wild’ on them. These symbols substitute for everything except the arrows, which trigger the twister bonus .

Before any spin you might hear the crash of thunder. You will see small, though very grey, clouds with lightning on them moving over the reels. Where this cloud strikes, it will add additional wilds to the reels. If you are lucky enough to get 5+, then big wins become possible.

How the Tornado Online Pokies are Set Up

While the twister feature gives Tornado Farm Escape a unique look and feel, the setup is very much standard. There are 20 win-lines in play (you can add a bet multiplier and up your coin size if you want to bet more than the minimum 20c). These win-lines cross over a standard 5-reel, 3-row setup.

Wilds, which have the look of an old-school TV, are the single highest paying symbols. Different animals follow pictured as if making their escape in the tornado! There are no filler symbols for this pokie. The remaining winning symbols are all items swept up from the farm into the tornado. They include books, and old radio, a milking stool and even the farmer’s armchair.

Top Down View of the Farm

You’ll get a birds-eye view of the farm as you spin the reels of Tornado Farm Escape. Around all 4 edges of this game can be swirling clouds. The intro video is worth a look (once at least). This shows the farmer waking up animals for work. They then hatch their plan to escape in the tornado!

There is a lighthearted feeling to the game play. Animals spread out at odd angles to look like they are already in the tornado are frequent on the reels. The twister bonus game brings a lively feel to the action. This will track the symbols you selected and sweep them off the reels to the counter underneath.

While you spin, expect a real southern US countryside bluegrass guitar to play. Wind effects add to the overall atmosphere.

Summary: How Does Tornado Farm Escape Compare?

Tornado Farm Escape is an entertaining pokie with a completely different take on the animal kingdom to most that you’ll find online. It is a lighthearted and fast game, with only random wilds to break up the action in the solid and enjoyable base game. The highlight is definitely the arrival of the tornado. This can blow for a long time – collecting wilds and special symbols. The more you collect, the bigger your prize – in addition to anything you hit with regular line wins. I enjoyed this solid and humorous pokie – check it out for yourself soon!