Starburst Review

Space is often thought of as a harrowing and dangerous place, but to think of it only in these terms does a disservice to its captivating and brilliant beauty. The Starburst slot from NetEnt has you in search of precious stones among the planets, with some unique twists on traditional pokie play. Does this popular slot capture the majesty of the galaxy, or is this one voyage better left untaken?


See some of the best casinos to play the game at below, or read on for our Starburst online slot review.

Where to Play Starburst

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    Joka Room Casino

    Min Deposit $20
    Payout 800+ Pokies
    Bonus 99% Payout
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    Raging Bull Casino

    Min Deposit $35
    Payout 450+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
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    Uptown Pokies Casino

    Min Deposit $20
    Payout 150+ Pokies
    Bonus 98% Payout
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  4. #4 4

    Pokie Spins Casino

    500+ Pokies
    Payout 400 Free Spins
    Bonus 97% Payout
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    Kahuna Casino

    Min Deposit $10
    Payout 1,000+ Pokies
    Bonus 97% Payout
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The Starburst online slot offers players the following features:

  • 10 paylines across five reels.
  • Sci-fi theme, with precious gems to match.
  • Paylines can trigger in both directions.

As with all online slots, there are no tips or strategy we can offer for Starburst, as the game runs on a random number generator. This keeps the game fair for everyone, but also means that there’s nothing you can do to influence the outcome of a spin; it’s all up to chance. With this in mind, remember to play responsibly when using real money. You don’t need to spend to have fun, and it’s better to quit and switch to free slots while you’re ahead.

Gameplay and Design

While the Starburst slot appears to be a normal pokie, there are some interesting gameplay changes that make it unique.

Like all casino slots, the goal is to match three or more symbols across one of the paylines to get a winning combination. The majority of symbols will be different jewels, though there are also more conventional casino icons stylized as planets, with moons orbiting around them. While the planet symbols are worth more than the jewel symbols, there are only two of them; there are no “playing card” or lower-level tier of symbols, offering slots players a more streamlined experience.

As opposed to more conventional pokies, the Starburst slot does not have any Scatter symbols, and the Wild symbol behaves a bit differently than punters might be used to. The Starburst Wild symbol only appears on the three reels in the centre, but spinning just one Wild symbol will make the entire reel that it appears on Wild. Not only can this go a long way towards completing paylines, you’ll also earn a re-spin every time you land on a Wild symbol, for even more chances to win. Additional Wild symbols trigger re-spins, up to a maximum of three; just imagine what might happen when all three center reels are Wild!

Additionally, Starburst’s paylines trigger in both directions. Pokies players are used to paylines starting with a symbol on the left and going towards the right, but Starburst’s paylines also can be completed in the opposite direction. While it does still mean that you need certain symbols on the left- or right-most reels, it offers greater variety and more opportunity to win than the traditional style of pokie.

From a design standpoint, Starburst captures the science fiction theme without being too over-the-top. The pokie’s background music, melodic electronica, evokes a sense of the interstellar and unknown, while the sound effects are also blips and noises that would fit right into a video game.

The individual symbols are all brightly colored and easily recognizable, the perfect contrast to the elegant purple tints of the background, depicting the edge of a planet in space. While the individual symbols aren’t animated upon successful completion of a payline, this is a bit offset by the payline animation itself: a rapid-fire count of your various winnings, accompanied by gem sounds.

While other pokies may be better with individual design elements, few games can match the cohesion and uniqueness that Starburst possesses.

Promotions and Bonuses

It is important to note that, since the game does not have any Scatter symbols, the Starburst slot does not include any bonus features or ability to win free spins. However, there are still opportunities for free play, whether that means through casino bonuses or simply choosing not to use real money when playing the game.

Some online casinos may offer free spins for the Starburst slot through their welcome bonus, either specifically or as part of a number of casino games you can choose from. Free spins may also be offered as part of a deposit bonus from an online casino – simply make the minimum deposit and claim the bonus.

Every casino offers different deposit bonuses, so even if the Starburst slot is available to play, it may not be eligible for a bonus. Since you need to sign up to claim bonuses, be sure to choose the online casino you’re most comfortable playing at.


The Starburst slot was developed by NetEnt, one of the world’s premiere casino game developers. Originally founded in 1996, the Swedish company has become renowned for not only the quality of their games, but the innovative bonus features that they include.

With popular licensed slot games including Planet of the Apes, Guns N’ Roses, and Vikings, one thing you can be sure of when you play a NetEnt game is that you’ll have heaps of fun. Wonderful graphics and sound design, combined with generous returns to the player, make any NetEnt game well worth your time.