Riviera Riches

Feel like you’re living the good life on the Riviera with the awesome Aussie online pokies game, Riviera Riches. This new game is one of the best pokies finds around and it’s going to hit Down Under with a sizzle. The casino game has, as you might guess, a glitzy Riviera theme. The main symbols that contribute to this look and feel include man and women in fancy clothes, fancy cars, a casino building and bourbon.

More on Riviera Riches

The game at the Aussie online pokies casino of Riviera Riches is a 5 reel, 15 payline game. It has some great extra symbols in addition to the regular great playing features. These include a wild symbol which is the Riviera Riches logo and it has a great fixed jackpot of 1500 coins. It can also double payouts when it helps players to get to those winning combinations. There is also a bonus symbol and a scatter symbol which both adds to the fun.

Bonus Fun with the Best Pokies Game

The scatter symbol shows chips and money and it can fall anywhere on the reels. If you’ve got three or more of these then you’ll get 12 free spins that all have triple payouts. Other great Riviera Riches features include the free spins bonus round that you’ll get to if you have three or more scatters. You’ll then get your 12 free spins, each of which has a multiplier of three. If you’re lucky enough with this online pokies game to have three scatter symbols again on the reels in this section then you can win free spins that are capped at 190,000 coins.

More Aussie Online Pokies Fun

Now, the most unique part of Riviera Riches is the Roulette Bonus. Here, you’ll also have a roulette game to enjoy in addition to the Aussie online pokies fun. You’ll get to spin the roulette wheel where you’ll select a number from 1 to 36. You’ll have the opportunities to potentially win 30,000 coins during this exciting bonus section.

Great Riviera Riches Fun

All of this adds up to great fun on the Riviera with Riviera Riches. Get ready for an elegant and exotic experience – and one that just might add to your riches as well! Aussie online pokies never looked more fun or felt more elegant than does Riviera Riches.