Mayan Princess

Jump back 4000 years to play an amazing new mobile pokies game called Mayan Princess. This HTML5 mobile pokies game offers you a glimpse into the culture, architecture and world of the civilisation from long ago. For those who don’t already know this, the Maya constructed an empire which encompassed everything from the southern Mexican states to Central America. Here, the ancient game combines with the modern technology to welcome players to the Mayan Princess pokies mobile games. Get ready to journey to the ancient world and to have a wonderful time playing a simple, and yet exciting game.

Getting in the Game

When you first get to the Mayan Princess screen, you’ll see a bright collection of colours and symbols. This five reel, 20 payline new mobile pokies game includes all of the symbols you would expect from this time period. There is the sun, the Mayan Princess, the warrior, the parrot, the alligator, the leopard, the maize and so much more. There are all sorts of interesting features here that combine to create a fantastic experience for the game.

Bonus Pokie Fun

With the mobile pokies game Mayan Princess, the bonus features include the free spins. In order to get to the free spins section, you have to land on the pyramid scatter symbol on reels one and five. When you get to the free spins section, you can get up to twenty free spins. You’ll get a random number of spins which ranges between ten and twenty. The spins will begin as soon as you are rewarded this section and any prizes that you get during this section will be doubled. Ironically, in the time of the Mayan Princess, the pyramid would have been a symbol of fear. The pyramids were used as centres of sacrifice in their time. But with the Mayan Princess pokies mobile games, it’s certainly a symbol that opens up more fun for players.

Other Mayan Princess Fun

Watch for the Mayan Princess when she appears in the HTML5 mobile pokies game. She is the wild symbol and she will help players to make winning combinations. Between the Mayan Princess symbol and the scatter pyramids, players are guaranteed to have a great time with the new mobile pokies game. The wagering range here is good for all players with all pockets, allowing for a tiny beginning bet, all the way up to a much larger one. This means that any players who want to join in and have a great time will be able to do so with the mobile pokies game that is open to all.

Enjoy the journey to another time and place with Mayan Princess. The beauty of this game is that it’s not complicated in nature, allowing almost any player to enjoy the game. At the same time, the graphics and sound effects create a vivid look and feel, inviting the new mobile pokies game player to enjoy the game immensely. All players will love taking the Mayan society with them on the go on their mobile pokies journey. The format of the game is simple and the ability to play without too many bells and whistles will interest many. At the same time, the graphics and the ancient theme create layers of fun and excitement to the game that are unexpected in a rather simple game format. Have a blast as you play and enjoy the juxtaposition of the ancient world and the modern technology.