Max Damage

Comic book hero Max Damage enters the world of Aussie online pokies where you can follow his exploits and win prizes on your PC. Former villain Max has now become a superhero and is intent on defending the world from alien attack. In the Max Damage Arcade Slot the goal involved destroying invading alien ships and taking evasive action to save the world and earn cash payouts for every alien ship shot down and every boss destroyed. In the new Max Damage Aussie Pokies, you’ll be spinning the reels to create winning pay ways and complete combinations while the battle continues against the alien invaders.

Online Casino Game

Max Damage is one of the new generation of online pokies games which has been optimised for all gaming platforms. You can stay at home and play Max Damage from the comfort of your own living room armchair by downloading the casino software onto your laptop or desktop and playing on your personal PC. Max Damage is also a Flash Casino game where players can open their account on a public browser and play safely and securely by signing out of their account when they’ve finished gambling.

Mobile users have the ability to access the casino and play any of their favourite Aussie online pokies at any time and from any location on their handheld mobile smartphone or tablet. The casino connects to mobile devices via WiFi or cellular connectivity so, regardless of where you’re located or when you want to play, you can open the casino URL on your mobile browser and play dozens of online pokies games and other casino games. Max Damage has not yet gone mobile, but we’re sure he will soon. In the meantime, you’ll have to enjoy watching Max save the world on your desktop or laptop computer.

243 Ways to Win

Max Damage is a five reel with 243 Ways to Win Game. The 243 Ways to Win feature offers you new and exciting opportunities to win at pokies. Instead of worrying about activating paylines, in a 243 Ways to Win game you’re assured that every completed pay way counts as a real money win, with no obligation to enable paylines. All of the pay ways are permanently enabled to ensure that you receive a payout for every pay way that you create. Also, in 243 Ways to Win online pokies games, you don’t have to check to see where your symbols fall on the reels. Any three matching symbols which occur on three consecutive reels, with the first symbol appearing on the left-most reel, earns you a win. This feature frees you from worrying about whether your symbols occurred on the top, middle or bottom of the reel since all positions give you your win.

Aussie Online Pokies Fun

The introduction to the Max Damage Pokies gives you a clear vision of what to expect. Max has been called to duty again to battle the invading aliens who are threatening the world. Panic has set in as Max dons his superhero gear and enters his aircraft, prepared to defend the earth.

The Max Damage Slots offers an engaging visual experience of colourful, vibrant imagery that combines with a soundtrack of suspenseful music to prepare you for the challenge to come.

As Max soars over the earth’s atmosphere, spaceships swoop down across the reels. There are numerous symbols on the reels including the traditional pokies machine letters and numbers as well as spaceships, globes and Max himself.

The game features wild stacks in which wild symbols – the Max Damage icon — stack up across the reels to give you more and more chances to complete your pay ways. If you achieve three, four or five scatter symbols simultaneously you’ll trigger the Free Spins round which presents you with fifteen Free Spins. All of your Free Spin wins are real money wins and the earnings from the free spins are added to your regular game payouts. Free Spin Wins pay out a double multiplier.

As you spin the reels, alien spacecraft fly in and out of the reels to increase the suspense and excitement of the game. During the Free Spins round, Max may be forced to blast alien spacecraft that appear, which then triggers random prizes. Whenever Max blasts a spaceship, the machine substitutes wild symbols in their place.

Pokies Promotions

The online casino offers a wide range of bonus promotions that enable you to play more Max Damage Aussie online pokies – or any other games – for more time for free. If you’ve just signed into the casino with a new account, the casino will offer you a generous Welcome Bonus that’s good on your first week’s deposits. The bonus awards match credits, so your initial deposits will be matched by the casino to give you free gaming time.

Following your first week’s play, you’ll be eligible to receive Loyalty Points for more free gaming, as well as to participate in the casino’s weekly and monthly draws. If you accumulate enough credits you’ll be invited to enter the VIP club where you can compete for special VIP prizes which include luxury gifts, vacation packages, cashback deals, Loyalty Points for cash, and higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

Max Damage offers a high action casino experience that will keep you on your toes as you compete for fun, excitement and real money prizes.