Play the Cupid’s Target at All Slots

Valentine’s Day is a time when we all want some romance in our lives and want to have fun. We also might want some excitement and a chance to win at pokies on mobile. And with the chance to play the Cupid’s Target at All Slots, you’ll have the opportunity to try to win and to enjoy the awesome promotion they are offering at the moment.

The Cupid’s Target promotion lasts from January 31st until February 27th and it’s filled with so many great ways to play and to potentially win. And in addition to the chance to play the Cupid’s Target at All Slots, you can also enjoy the AU promotion at Wild Jack Casino, the VIP lounge, All Jackpots Casino and First Web Casino. See what all of the fun is about and come along for the ride. You just might get hit by Cupid’s arrow and have a blast along the way.

The Promotion

There are many tips to win at pokies, and one of them is to be involved in the promotions that you see at the AU sites. These promotions are an automatic win because they are so much fun to play and they offer you the chance to potentially win as you play. Now, this promotion is broken into four segments and you’re eligible to be part of any segment if you have 50 loyalty points and if you opt in.

You can opt in in three different ways. You can go to the email that you get the promotion, you can go to the landing page or you can go to My Offers at the casino. Any of these ways will get you into the game and to have the chance to play the Cupid’s Target at All Slots.

More Fun

This mobile pokies promotional period is as follows. The first week or segment is from January 31st until February 6th. Then the second one is from the 7th until the 13th. The third period is from the 14th to the 20th and the last period is from the 21st until the 27th. You can have fun playing any or all of these weeks and trying your hand to see if you win. Each week they are giving out thousands of bonus credits to lucky winners who have 50 loyalty points or more.

Cupid’s Target at All Slots – More Ways to Play

Now, if you play for a number of days in any one period you’ll have even more benefits. With the AU sites, this is called the ticket booster and it works as follows. If you play for three days during a period then you’ll have 3x tickets and if you play for four you’ll have 4x tickets. This pattern continues all the way to seven times your tickets.

The winnings that will be announced each week include five players who will get a $1000 bonus and ten who will have a $500 bonus. Then, for 25 players they will have a $100 bonus and for 50 players they will have a $50 bonus. For 100 players there will be a $25 bonus and for 250 players they will get a $10 bonus. 1000 players with this mobile pokies promotion will find themselves with a $5 bonus.

The winners will get to start using their bonuses the Sunday after they’ve won and they will have one week to use them. But wait – there is even more. Three lucky players will also be announced who play from February 7-10 and they will get a Valentine’s package that is worth over $1000. Now that will really bring Cupid into their lives.

Have a blast today and see all the ways that you can benefit as you play mobile pokies and enjoy these tips to win at pokies.