Microgaming has recently released a new pokies game that is sure to be a hit among Aussie online pokies fans. Crocodopolis is a pokies game set in ancient Egypt with a half man, half crocodile figure as the main symbol. What makes Crocodopolis such an innovative and one of the best pokies games around, is the new and exciting feature that enables the player to control both the rules and the outcome of the game.

Crocodopolis is a 5-reel 25-payline online pokies game. The symbols in this pokies game are classic Egyptian symbols. These symbols include the ancient scroll, the scarab, the Ankh symbol and of course the pyramids.

The Scatter

The pyramids are the scatter symbol in this exciting pokies game. Two or more pyramids scattered anywhere on the five reels will result in a payout. Three or more pyramids will result in 12 free spins and will also double your payout.

The Wild and the Slide a Wild

The croc is the wild symbol. The features and powers of the croc, however, depend on you the Aussie online pokies player.

The special feature in Crocodopolis is the “slide a wild” slider. The player slides the “slide a wild” slider over whichever reels he chooses. Each reel will give the croc different abilities. If the player chooses reel one, then the croc will appear in reel one as the wild symbol and the 2x multiplier. If reel two is chosen, the croc will appear as the wild symbol and a 3x multiplier. By choosing reel three the player has chosen the croc to be the wild and an expanding wild. In reel four the croc will be both an expanding wild and a 3x multiplier. And, finally, in reel five, the player can choose to see the croc as a wild symbol on all the symbols and as a 3x multiplier.

The further you slide the reel the greater the power of the croc becomes. With the greater power of the croc comes the greater chance you have snapped up a great win.

Crocodopolis Where the Croc is Wild

Crocodopolis is truly an Aussie online pokies game of epic proportions. What makes it one of the best pokies games to date is the ability of the player to control a winning combination of his choice and the ability to double or even triple his winnings. So push that slider to the fifth reel and snap it up.