Mobile Pokies

Mobile Pokies or Online Pokies: Is there a Difference?

So the first question that many people ask is “what’s the difference between online pokies and mobile pokies?” Remember, the word “pokies” just means “slots.” Don’t let that throw you off. Online pokies could be any slot game that can be found online anywhere. Online pokies can be ones that need to be downloaded or even slots that can be played through flash technology live on the Internet. On the other and, mobile pokies refers specifically to slot games that can be played on a cell phone or other portable device such as an i-touch or Blackberry. Yes, all mobile pokies are by definition also online pokies. While more and more games are coming out that have a mobile version, there are still far more online pokies than there are mobile pokies.

How Many Reels Are in Mobile Pokies?

Some people only like playing simple, three reel slot games. They want the traditional set up that has one pay line and three reels and is very clear what you need to win. Well, there are many online pokies and even quite a few that are mobile pokies that have three reels and one pay line. But for those who are interested in something a bit more elaborate, there are also online pokies with multiple reels, pay lines, bonus features, and free spins. There are mobile pokies based on movies, books, exotic lands, and sports. Whatever theme you can think of, someone has probably developed a mobile pokie for it.

How to Get Started with Mobile Pokies

Getting started with the best mobile pokies or online pokies is really easy. When you first go to the website that hosts the games, there will usually be a banner that says “mobile pokies.” Click on that banner. You will then find specific instructions for either downloading online pokie games or even playing them with flash technology online. The instructions should also tell you how you use real money to make a wager and how to collect if you win.