It’s almost hard to image such incredible focus on one thing but when you’re playing Liquid Gold mobile pokies at one of Australia’s top pokies casinos, the focus is all about gold. Every part of this game is taken up with something gold and it’s all to help you win big and take home your own version of the precious alloy while playing our Australian pokies app. After all, it’s natural to make up allows it to be melted down and minted into any kind of shape you choose.

Coins, silverware, jewellery, necklaces, earrings, and so many other things can be made from this natural wonder which is why it’s considered an extremely versatile and wanted treasure. Just think about how people sought after it, mined it, picked it, and built their entire lives around gold. Historians didn’t call it a ‘gold rush’ for nothing and Aussies should be well informed that their homeland was the scene of several gold rushes, the most significant of which occurred during the mid to late 1800s.

It’s an exciting story of bravery and courage and in the spirit of our gold rushing ancestors features in this game like the Liquid Gold mobile pokies no deposit bonus give us our own rush as we’re heading into unknown territory hoping to bring home a pile of shiny stones.

Wild Gold and Scatters

It’s about gold and all gold in this five reel twenty payline game. Along with a riveting soundtrack that carries you from spin to spin and winning combination to winning combination symbols on the reels include gold numbers and letters, gold bars, a pot of molten liquid gold, a ‘bonus’ symbol with hot gold pouring down into a pot, and the ‘Liquid Gold’ logo.

The Liquid Gold logo acts as the wild and helps the player bring together those wonderful combinations which produce winnings by filling the gap between necessary symbols with the exception of the molten or liquid gold pot. The liquid gold pot has its own special activation which the wild cannot influence but when five of these especially hue coloured symbols appear in a row you’ve just won five thousand coins.

Then there’s the scatter which is represented by the ‘bonus’ symbol. The way this works is when you get either three, four, or five scatters it triggers the mobile pokies no deposit bonus round and in this free bonus adventure, the amount of scatters you score is the number of bonuses you receive. This sets you out on a path for huge earnings because the free spins bonus round can eventually lead you up to a multiplier of fifty times meaning a possible result of 100,000 coins

Mobile Across the Board

Liquid Gold Mobile pokies is one of the most popular pokies out there and can be accessed on just about every mobile device from iOS systems to Androids and more. Having this kind of mobile accessibility is great for both the experienced and beginner players. As with many pokies, the beginner can try it out for free getting familiar with the symbols, the surprises, and the challenges which lay ahead. Once they are comfortable enough it’s easy to switch modes and make real bets with a minimum of $5 playing for real money.

For the experienced player taking this game wherever they are means unending fun and a thrill ride which can be experienced from the seashore, forest, seat on a bus and so many other places where you might be bored and looking for something to fill the time with. With Liquid Gold there are also many options for transferring funds which mean it’s easy to begin letting the liquid gold start shaping your life.