Online pokies that you find at every online casino are a far cry from the original online slots game that was invented by Charles Fey in the back of his garage in the late 1800’s. The History of Pokies definitely originates from the original Liberty Bell machine but it was not until the mid-1900’s when the real online pokies began to develop and even strategies fro how to win at pokies began to form. In 1953 a company called Aristocrat based in Australia introduced their Clubman pokies machine which was soon followed a few years later by the Clubmaster. These machines were very popular at many Australian club houses especially as in 1956 the government of New South Wales legalised gambling.

The Lights Stage in the History of Pokies

The Aristocrat machines were still a little on the basic side but the Australian population loved the games and loved to win at pokies. A couple of decades later lights were added to the original games which added another stage to the history of pokies and made the games more exciting. But it was not until the mid-1980’s that the video reel slots as we know them today were introduced and provided multiple ways to win at pokies.

Strategies Developed for Ways to Win

Since the 1980’s pokies have been getting more and more complex with many more different ways to play and ways to win pokies. Online pokies were introduced with the widespread acceptance and use of the internet and this led to even more acceptance of the pokies as a fun and often profitable leisure game to play. The Landmarks in the History of Pokies did not stop with video slots, casinos and gaming software producers realised the full potential that they had with online pokies and more and more variations were developed.

The Future of Pokies is Rooted in the History of Pokies

In recent years mobile online pokies can be found and played through a number of casinos where the online pokies screen has been adapted for your handheld device or mobile phone. There are now interactive online pokies where you work your way through a story in order to win at pokies. Multiplayer online pokies can also be added to the History of Pokies roll call where up to 5 players can play on the same pokies game at once to try and gain a better win. Pokies are one of the games that will never be discarded from old to new, 3 reel classic to 5 reel video. Progressive to interactive there is something for everyone and a look at the history of pokies just proves again the wide acceptance of pokies as a special and enjoyable game to play.